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Getting Your Head Around Low Carb Alternatives

choice-2692575_960_720As I mentioned before, it took me a few weeks to get my head around what my alternative foods were and how that worked for my usual diet.  Here is some of what I discovered:
Any bread: Simply use cloud bread recipes or use some of the low carb bread recipes.  I’ve also discovered Ole and Mission brand low carb tortillas as well as Joseph’s Pita Bread. Only 5 Net Carbs!  A game changer! Also, use lettuce, avocado cups or buy breads from thinslim.org. 
Any pasta:  Simply replace the pasta with spiralized spaghetti or ribbon cut vegetables or riced cauliflower
Mashed potatoes: Use mashed cauliflower.
Baked Potato/French fries: I don’t really have an answer except to eat more lower carb vegetables.
Rice: Simply replace with riced cauliflower or broccoli.
Any crackers/chips: Eat veggies, pork rinds, cheese crisps, or homemade veggie chips.  You could even make pita-like chips from the low carb tortillas.
Nachos: Use pork rinds instead. Eat fast though as they will get soggy. Again, you could even make pita-like chips from the low carb tortillas.
Pizza: Use pork rind or cauliflower or fat head crust recipes and low carb tomato sauce from Rao’s or Mario Battali with your favorite meat and cheese toppings.  Double check your vegetable toppings’ carb counts.
Ice cream or shakes: Berry smoothies instead.  Beware of high carbs.  Use frozen berries and greek yogurt.
Desserts: Eat berries or make almond flour cake and cookie alternatives or low carb ice cream. Limit yourself though! Atkins bars!
I could live with this!  Granted soups and casseroles were going to need a bit of adjusting, but now I see this as a challenge instead of a barrier!   I hope you do too!  
I will try to get around to posting some of the recipes I’ve either adjusted or found to share.