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The content is for educational purposes only and meant to inspire healthier lifestyle choices.  Nothing that I write can be taken as medical advice.  Please ALWAYS consult a health or medical professional or nutritionist before making any decisions that may affect your health!

While the information on this site is believed to be true and accurate at the time of writing and within my knowledge base, information constantly changes.  I will try to update information as it is known to me.

Low Carb doesn’t mean it is low fat, low sodium or low calorie.  It is a proven weight loss lifestyle, but that lifestyle is not for every situation.  Talk to your medical professional or a nutritionist for what is right for you.  Low Carb recipes on this website do not intend or pretend to be anything other than lower in carbohydrates and have passed my own taste tests, which I think readers might enjoy or find useful.

I use WP Recipe Maker for the nutritional values on the recipes.  Please always do a nutritional count yourself as there is always room for app or human error in anything on the internet or on this website.  

I am not a medical professional or nutritionist, but I am an educator. As a reader of this website and blog, you are responsible for your own health and actions. I will not accept responsibility for damage to your health, well-being or property of any kind as a result of your utilizing information on this website.  Again, always talk to your health or medical professional or nutritionist.  (For example, while I have been given a 30 Net Carb forever mandate, your healthcare provider might want that bar set higher for you.  Always seek their advice.)

All content is my own work unless stated otherwise.  I may have occasional guest posts, but that will be disclosed within the post.

If you would like to use any of my content, please link back to me or give my site clearly identified credit.  My original content is copyrighted.
All my reviews are unsolicited.  They are my own opinion.  It may be that I am offered products, services or books to review for free or I may have purchased them.  Free products, as with purchased products, may be reviewed well, mediocre or harshly purely according to my opinion.  I am not obligated to give a good review. I have to ethically stand behind these opinions according to what I alone think of them.
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It costs time and money to keep this website up and so I do accept compensation from affiliate programs, ad networks, sponsored posts and/or partnerships on this website.  I also may have product placements within blog posts and photos that may compensate me. I will usually note the free product or service.
The compensation does not affect my opinions or use of products or services.  If I have a positive impression of a brand, it will only be because I feel the product or service deserves the recognition. I am not obligated to give a good review. I have to ethically stand behind these opinions according to what I alone think of them. I’m protective of my own brand!
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