Fast Food Carb Review – Bojangle’s

IMG_21571.jpgI mentioned before that I was a Bojangle’s Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits addict.

They have the BEST fast food biscuits in the world, and I happen to love their chicken even though I don’t like spicier things.  Their combination of seasonings just clicks for me!

However, I no longer can eat their biscuits.  Just one biscuit is 37 Net Carbs.  If you put that in perspective, that is 2 DAYS worth of food for someone like me or other low carb livers.  I was desperate to find options to keep patronizing Bo’s.

To my delight, there were options!  I can still eat their chicken.  Just differently.

You can certainly pull the breading off your Chicken if you love it like I do.  You still risk getting accidental carbs from eating breading you missed.  For me, it is too tempting to eat the whole thing… breading and all.  You can always add Green Beans as a side for an additional 5 Net Carbs.  Just stay away from the biscuits!  They will call to you!  They will smell amazing!  Don’t do it!

The Garden Salad has 6 Net Carbs.

The Grilled Chicken Salad has 6 Net Carbs.  This is an excellent choice! (Compare this to the Homestyle Tenders Salad, that has breading, at 34 Net Carbs!)

Also, a little higher in Carbs but still workable in the carb count for the day is the Roasted Chicken Bites Salad with 10 Net Carbs.

You can get just the Roasted Chicken Bites with Green Beans, but you are still looking at 13 Net Carbs.

Remember to add in the dressing.  The Ranch and Blue Cheese dressings only have 2 additional Net Carbs.  The Italian dressing has 5 Net Carbs.  Beware of the Honey Dijon dressing as it has 15 Net Carbs. Leave off the croutons!

I was relieved that there were so many options.  Ones I hadn’t really tried before… and they are all delicious!

Just remember the rule of thumb… basically, leave off the breads, breading, potatoes, onions, high carb fruits and veggies and desserts.  Get lettuce wrapped double meat proteins (if they aren’t on a bone) or  have proteins on top of the salads.  Beware of hidden salad carbs, especially in croutons and sugars in dressings or toppings!  If you follow this rule of thumb you can find quite a lot to eat.

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