Fast Food Carb Review – Zaxby’s

c6286-img_2261255b1255d.jpgI was a little wary of going to many chicken places, but when I was out on the road and striking out finding KFC baked chicken and not wanting Bojangles or Popeye’s options (although I love them).  I decided to see what Zaxby’s had for this low-carb eater!

What I discovered were some of the most delicious wings ever.  And they were huge!!!

Oh sure, you can get a salad, but who always wants a salad?

As it turns out I decide I did want a salad after all.  I got their Grilled House Zalad which if you leave off the fried onions and Texas Toast is only about 9 Net Carbs.  Less if you only eat half because it is a pretty big salad.  I shared it with my husband.  The Grilled Caesar Zalad is only 7 Net Carbs if you leave off the croutons.  The Grilled Cobb Zalad is only 10 Net Carbs if you leave off the fried onions and Texas Toast.  Like I said, these are big salads.  Ranch, Blue Cheese and Ceasar dressings are each only 2 Net Carbs that would need to be added to the count.

You could get their Chicken Salad or Grilled Chicken sandwiches and not eat the buns.  The Chicken Salad is about 5 Net Carbs each.  The Grilled Chicken you would have to watch out on the Honey Mustard and just barely get a taste or opt for Ranch or Blue Cheese, taking it to about 5 Net Carbs.

What I really came for though… is a baked chicken or alternative.

I got their 10 piece traditional “naked” wings with Ranch Dressing.  So pretty much 2 Net Carbs for a delicious meal that curbed my craving for baked chicken. I know it is fried, but they were delicious!  Like I said earlier… they were the biggest wings I’d ever seen! You can get most of the wings with sauces that only give you from 2 to 6 Net Carbs!  Not only that… it comes with several stalks of celery! A wonderful discovery!  I could have gotten the 20 piece option!

I’m going back!

I did go back!  I still forgot to take pictures!  IT was still delicious!

I went back again with my sister and got the 20 piece… that is the picture shown!  Okay, we did share.  10 pieces really is enough!!!  I almost couldn’t eat it all!  I say almost.  😉

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  1. Wendy says:

    OK, so I had these yesterday and was so worried I had cheated, because they taste like they are fried. But, they for sure have 0 carbs? I ordered traditional wings with no sauce.

    • lowcarb4ever23 says:

      Hi Wendy!

      I know how you feel. They threw my husband off too because it looks like it is dipped and fried, but it is really the fried skin. The boneless wings have carbs attached to them and so be vary wary of those. My sister accidentally ordered those. Also the sauces are quite carb heavy. I pulled all nutritional information from Zaxby’s website. You can see for yourself that they are zero carb. They have really curbed my fried chicken craving. I’m considering an airfryer to make them at home, but for now I’m loving Zaxby’s!

      Good luck on your journey!

      All my best,

      • Wendy holland says:

        Great! I don’t get sauce! I actually like them better without, and I just dip them in ranch. Thank you for replying to me!

      • lowcarb4ever23 says:

        You are most welcome. And would you believe that the Lite Ranch has 1 more carb than the regular Ranch? I found that to be interesting. It is so hard to find foods that we can eat on low carb… I am determined to find all the good tasting options that I can… and pass them along!

  2. Wendy says:

    Please do! I would love some more options. We eat out a lot because my husband works out of town and its just easier than cooking for the kids and I. Pizza Hut’s garlic parmesean wings are good too!

    • lowcarb4ever23 says:


      I took a little hiatus, but I am back on the blog again. I wrote a new article today with you in mind. Let me know what you think!



  3. Thank you for this review. I love zaxby’s but have never tried the wings and their salads are so tempting with all the toppings which can pile up the carbs. But I am after it now.

    • lowcarb4ever23 says:

      You are most welcome, Peggy! And yes, you have to watch the add-ons on salads, specially the croutons and tomatoes as well as the dressing. Dee

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