flour-1581967_960_720It took me a while to get my head around the use of Almond and other flours or meals instead of wheat flours.  But you can not only make breads, cakes and cookies, but also grits and cornbread reasonable facsimiles!  As a southerner and lover of all things made of ground corn… my food life suddenly brightened!

Note, not all flours have the same carb count so make sure you read the labels!

You can buy them at your local groceries, WalMart, Sams Club and Costco or you can order them online.  I’ve done a bit of both.  Some items are not as easily found or I just am not going to the store anytime soon and so I order them online.

The cookbooks I have reviewed have used any or all of these.

Here’s ones I have tried and like.  I’ll add more as I use them.  Bob’s Red Mill is pretty abundant in stores nearest me and so is a brand I’m most familiar with.  If you have other suggestions, let me know!

Also, these are more bulk items instead of individual items.  It worked for me buying them that way and also usually comes out a bit cheaper.

Almond Flour:

Coconut Flour:

Hazelnut Flour:

Soy Flour:

I’ll add more as I see them!

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