Three Months "in" Update


Well… it has been three months since my healthcare provider gave me the jarring news that I was looking at a poor outcome if I didn’t make some changes in my eating habits.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome.

I was told I would be eating 30 Net Carbs the rest of my life and 20 Net Carbs until I got down to a good target weight.

The goals:

  • Keep me off insulin for as long as possible
  • Lessen the fat in my liver
  • Lessen the triglycerides in my blood
  • Get my cholesterol back into normal ranges
  • Lose weight to assist my high blood pressure

I didn’t really know how long losing at least 25 pounds (and ideally 35 to 40 pounds) would take.  I’ve tried to lose weight before and failed, but now I had purpose because someone (my healthcare provider) was up front with me about the realities and outcomes of my health.

I didn’t know if I had the will power to do some of the things required of me.  Chiefly, completely change the way I eat, what I eat and when I eat.  It required some adjustment as I’ve outlined before.

What I have discovered is:

  • I’m stronger than I realized
  • None of this is easy
  • Commiserating with others is helpful
  • It’s working!
I draw my blood glucose every morning and the numbers are below 100 for the first times in… well… a very long time.  I have watched clothes that used to fit tightly now swallow me and see my blood pressure normalize.
Now granted, I do take medications, but I am hopeful I can lower and eventually eliminate some medications.  Baby steps!!  The healthier eating and weight loss I claim for myself!

I do have to give credit to my husband.  He has been amazing and decided to also do this with me and he has only slightly elevated blood glucose numbers.  He has dropped 24 pounds and is truly interested in the food, our health and this blog.   He has encouraged me.

I contrast this with one of my sister’s husband who will bring home cakes, pies, cookies, doughnuts and fritters because he knows my sister loves them and he wants to please her.  He has not quite grasped that it is killing her and she has no will power when they are around.

My husband and my sister’s husband are the two extremes.  Most people will find themselves somewhere on the spectrum between the two.

I’m proud of what I have done in 3 months time.  Taking it slow.  Taking it at a pace I could tolerate!  Getting foods around me that I can or like to eat in place of “goodies”.   Having a tiny bit of will power.

I hope that I can inspire others to do the same.  Even if it is only ONE person!  IT IS WORKING!

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