High Cholesterol

cholesterol-149091_960_720How are you going to even know when you have high cholesterol?  There are no symptoms.  Only a blood test can detect high cholesterol meaning you need to have been or need to go to a clinic or doctor for that determination.  You could have it and not even know it!

Why would you get high cholesterol?  Well, some people inherit it from their parents, but it is often a result of an unhealthy lifestyle, one that is without a good diet or proper exercise.

So what is cholesterol anyway? It is a waxy substance found in the fats in your blood.  When you are melting Crisco in a pan, there is a point where some of it is melted and some is not. It is sort of like that where there are fluid fats and a more solid substance.

Is cholesterol needed? Your body needs cholesterol but having too much can be bad for you.  Too much can deposit a sort of build up on the walls of your blood vessels.  Sort of like when your drains get clogged in your kitchen with too much cooking grease going down the drain and then building up on the pipes.  If your blood vessels get clogged with cholesterol then it decreases blood flow to areas like the heart and brain and lessens oxygen getting to where it is needed.  This can all lead to heart attacks or strokes.

What happens if I’m told I have high cholesterol? There are three basic things that can be done about it.  Change your diet and eat foods lower in cholesterol.   Exercise can help lower need for it.  Too, there are medications that can help level out the cholesterol.  It may be a combination of all three.

Cholesterol IS something to be concerned about, but it IS preventable or manageable if you take the right steps.  Make sure you regularly get physical examinations at your healthcare facility!

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