Low Carb Bread, Buying and Making

The hardest part about a low carb lifestyle is no longer having ready access to bread because of their high carb count.  I love bread!  A fresh yeasty bread will actually make my mouth water.  The smell.  The taste.  Knowing that butter will even make it better. 

My sister took me out for my birthday.  The bread at the restaurant was incredible smelling.  She didn’t have the willpower and ate it.  I almost did too.  I held fast and didn’t eat it, but inside my food loving soul was screaming for me to butter up a piece!

It is tough giving up on bread!  But do we really have to?  I have discovered that the answer is no!

The Challenge

Just saying “no” to things you love is the biggest challenge in low carb living.  The next challenge is finding suitable carb-friendly alternatives that our taste buds will accept.

It was HARD in the beginning, especially on an initial weight loss plan, going without bread.  I’m a bread addict (as well as a Cheezit and cracker addict.).  I love, love, love it!  Gone were hot buttered rolls. pizzas,  focaccia, sandwich breads, etc.  No getting buns with burgers or hoagie rolls with sandwiches or any other sandwich combination.  Meats, cheese and veggies between bread or in bread were what I had to concentrate on and not the bread itself.  Not an easy feat.  I ate sandwich meat and burgers inside lettuce leaves or on salads.   (Oh I love Five Guys for that!!!!) That works for a time, but still isn’t entirely satisfying when you just want bread!

But what to do?

The Solution – At the Grocery

I found myself (and still find myself) reading labels on EVERYTHING!  This is a good habit to get in to!  Whether you are doing total carbs or Net Carbs… ALWAYS read labels!  There are hidden carbs everywhere!   There are hidden corn and potato starches as well as flours.  There are pastas and potatoes in things, especially soups.   You have to be constantly aware.  

I initially thought that bread was entirely off limits until I started reading labels.  My eye caught on a tortilla package that said 5 Net Carbs.  WHAT?  I thought that even on a low 20 Net Carbs that I could manage 5 Net Carbs.  (For instance, one slice of whole wheat bread is 10 Net Carbs or more!) I picked the package up worried that the carb count was for something like 1/16th of a tortilla.  Much to my surprise, it was for a whole tortilla!  I can ROLL stuff up in a tortilla!  I can make pizzas with a tortilla!   It was a great discovery! 

There are several decent tasting brands out there.  Ole is one.  Mission is another.  I’ve found one brand or another in most groceries that I have visited.  JUST READ THE LABELS!  Try them out!  FlatOut Light Italian and FlatOut Spinach are two that I regularly  use for pizzas.  Those have 6 Net Carbs, but even that is very good especially if its the main carbs for an entire meal!  We just like the taste and consistency of them!  (Update: FlatOut Light Italian is not as light as it used to be.  We can’t find the Spinach.  We’ve quit using them.  Sigh.)

As good as flour tortillas are, a whole new world opened up when I found Joseph’s Low Carb Pita Bread!  Delicious!   I can put stuff in the pockets  I can fold stuff up in it.  I can use it for pizza as well.  If you can’t find them, mouse over the bold title and click on the link.


Both flour tortillas and the Joseph’s Pita Bread discoveries were life altering in my kitchen.   Not only were their sandwich and pizza uses useful, but I could also cut up pieces and toast them to make crackers for dips or just to eat plain!  All was right with the world again.

Whenever I see them, I get more than I would use and stick some in the freezer!

I have now found some Low Carb breads (after looking for months and there not being any) in specialty grocery stores like Earth Fare and Whole Foods.  None to write about here.  The ones that were  Low Carb and Almond Flour-based were a bit spongy and tasteless for me, but if I run across any that I like… I will definitely update this post.

I am still thrilled that there are grocery options out there… even in my small town. Best of all… none of these products are carb killers!!!

UPDATE: ThinSlim and Sola products are now popping up at my grocery.  Too, if you look hard enough, you can find some low carb solutions from major labels, but if wheat is off limits, look to the ThinSlim and Sola products.  Quite frankly, Sola is lower cost and better tasting to my tastebuds than ThinSlim, but that is me.  You can decide for yourself.  Also, your pocket book can decide as well.  They have different varieties and even hamburger buns!  Most Sola breads are 3 Net Carbs per slice, but I like the Deliciously Seeded bread for an additional carb.  I just like the taste.

The Solution – Online

Too, there are options to purchase certain breads online.  Both Sola and ThinSlim foods are a good option and very worth checking out.  You can buy on Amazon, but honestly, just go direct to their websites:

Sola also carries sweetener, ice cream, granola, granola bars, etc.  

ThinSlim also carries, cookies, cakes, etc.

The Solution – At Home

I also decided to attempt to make bread myself.  Now mind you, I am NOT a baker.  My sister is.  I am not.  I cook.  However, Low Carb living is making me find the baker that was always inside of me!  If I can do this… you can too!

I have poured over low carb recipes, but not many are YEAST breads which are what makes so many breads smell and taste so yummy!  Also, I determined, that I wasn’t going to knead anything.  Lot’s of mixers have kneading hooks or paddles, but I still don’t have the hand strength for kneading nor the patience for proofing and risings.  I also had limited storage and counter space. You might have that kind of patience and space in your kitchen.  I don’t.  So I needed another option.

I decided I was going to look for a bread maker!  My sister got one.  She loved it.  She makes bread all the time which is unfortunate because she is in the same health boat that I am.  I decided that there was a few low carb bread machine recipes out there and if there weren’t enough… I was/am determined to create more!  Plus my sister really needs to convert to low carb baking and it will help her. (Also, please check into my oven baking links for Low Carb bread recipes.)

So, I researched bread machines.  I discovered that not many stores in my areas carry bread machines.  I did most of my research on Amazon.  

There are several I looked at:

Williams-Sonoma is where I actually discovered a few machines that I could see in person.

I got a Cuisinart CBK110 as pictured above.  I got lucky on getting a moderately priced one when a friend had a 50% off coupon that I could use! It made sense for me for multiple reasons mentioned above.  There are bread machines for all types of breads and sizes as well as for all budgets, family sizes and kitchen space!   

You can make doughs, bake cakes and what surprised me the most… you can make jams and preserves with my model!  A bonus!  (I’ll let you know how that turns out versus traditionally making them.)

I’m thrilled with the outcome… and will share recipes later!  A peek at the first attempt is below.  Not bad!  The hole in the bread slice is actually from the paddle that does all the work.  It is embedded in the bread unless you remove it during the process at a designated time.  I didn’t, to see what happens if you don’t.  That hole is what happens.


Whether traditionally baking or using a machine… “go for it!”  The outcome is rewarding.

So, there isn’t really a bread crisis when going Low Carb.  Options are out there if you look for them.  Hopefully I’ve helped you discover some!

Until next time! #lowcarb4ever


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