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Restaurant Carb Review – Merv’s

If ever there was a Low Carb restaurant made from heaven… Merv’s in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee is it!

In the beginning of my low carb lifestyle… I wasn’t wanting to go to restaurants much until I knew better what things I could actually eat and not screw up my carb counts.

My husband was out and sent me a picture of the Cheeseburger Salad he was eating at Merv’s!  We went there a few days later.

I KNEW I was getting a Cheeseburger Salad, but then I clapped my eyes on the appetizers and it said Pork Rinds “made to order”… in other words fresh made!  And anyone that is on a low carb diet knows… pork rinds are our friends!  It is versatile, low carb and low fat (oddly enough!)

Someone at the restaurant must be a low carb eater because I hadn’t seen those on a menu ANYWHERE… as of yet.

I was at first a little depressed going to Merv’s because they are known for their fries and onion rings as well as their burgers, but there was this great and satisfying substitute in fresh pork rinds!  To those that turn up their noses at the notion… don’t knock ’em till you have tried them!  These were fresh, crunchy and didn’t stick to the roof of your mouth. (You rind eaters out there know what I am talking about… not all pork rinds are created equal!) It was the perfect alternate choice to fries and onion rings!

The Cheeseburger Salad was beyond delicious!  Better than I imagined!  Get it if you go there!!!

Of course Merv’s also has a Grilled Chicken Salad, that I will try one day.  A Super Salad with ground beef and ham that my husband likes.  They also have “naked” Wings.

And if you remember the rule of thumb below… your choices are sort of endless at Merv’s!  There is a lot to eat there if you go bunless!

Now you can also go to Merv’s in Chattanooga, but they have egg rolls instead of pork rinds! (at least on the menu I saw)!!  But otherwise, same great menu!

Just remember the rule of thumb… basically, leave off the breads, breading, potatoes, onions, high carb fruits and veggies and desserts.  Get lettuce wrapped double meat proteins (if they aren’t on a bone) or  have proteins on top of the salads.  Beware of hidden salad carbs, especially in croutons and sugars in dressings or toppings!  If you follow this rule of thumb you can find quite a lot to eat.

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