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Nutrition Calculator

Finding what is in a recipe can be daunting when you are on a low carb diet and especially if you are in ketosis and don’t want to blow your weight loss.

Also, recently I had a bunch of questions about what the nutrition was on some of my recipes. I know I have that on all my recipes. I found out that when my site engine updated that it didn’t update the embedded calculator that I use. The problem is fixed now.

My recipes come with an built-in calculator that I pay good money for. It is as accurate as we can possibly make it. Can mistakes be made? Sure. I try my hardest not to!!! Still I recommend that you always check every recipe (yours, mine, your grandmother’s, whoever!). You can calculate by hand, but you can also use the link below to give a double check. It is a recipe nutrition analyzer by verwywellfit.com.


It takes some time getting used to it. It breaks things down a bit differently, but it was close enough on the test recipe I did and sure beats calculating by hand!

There are other recipe nutrition calculators out there. Some you have to sign into their site to use and some you don’t.

Here are some others out there:




I haven’t tested any of them against the verywellfit.com calculator, so double check anything you do, if you are concerned with its operation.

If you are worried about all these new fangled calculators being accurate, then learn to calculate by hand to double check accuracy. I did that on the first recipe I ever was going to post and decided “nope” not in my skill set. Thank goodness there are options for those of us not wanting to cipher out a recipe.

Let me know what you think of some of the calculators out there!

Until next time… #lowcarb4ever