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The Amazing Chaffle

So I have ventured into the wonderful world of “Chaffles”!  If you haven’t yet… get on the train!

It was when my sisters and I had gathered with our families for Christmas, that my oldest sister told us of her new favorite low carb food: the Chaffle. My other sister and I hadn’t heard of it.  It is cheese and usually almond flour that makes a bread-like waffle for sandwiches, snacks or just as a waffle itself.  You can make as many kinds of versions as you can think of.  Savory or sweet. Cream cheese, mozzarella or cheddar are often used.  Sometimes parmesan and others are used more for flavor.

There are even Chaffle makers.  There is one by the company Dash at Bed Bath & Beyond and other retailers or Amazon.  It makes a sandwich bun-sized Chaffle waffle.  Most recipes are made so that you have two Chaffles. You pour half the batter from the recipe cook one and then cook the other.  I discovered my Chaffle maker plates didn’t come out for easy cleaning, and so I switched back to my regular waffle maker which does have that feature. (Maybe they make higher end Chaffle makers that do have removable plates.)  For my waffle maker, I have found that you have to double the recipes for the much larger surface area.

The recipes are endless.  My sister gave me a cheat sheet for recipes.  I am posting here, and she is not sure where it came from and so I am not sure who to credit. 

My favorite savory is the “Cheddar by the Bay”.  I was worried there was bay seasoning, which I don’t like.  There is not.  Here is the recipe:

Cheddar by the Bay Chaffle

1                    Egg

½ cup            Cheddar cheese, shredded

2 Tbsp.         Almond flour

1 tsp.            Garlic salt

½ tsp.            Baking powder

This Chaffle makes me not miss Red Lobster’s biscuits!  I make them for “bread” for dinner. 

The attached recipe cheat sheet is a great place to start if you are new to this or even an already seasoned Chaffler!  (I apologize for some of the writing to the right getting cut off.  It came to me that way.  I’ll try to re-type these later, but wanted to share with you now.)  There is a flavor for any mood or occasion!

Chaffle Recipe Cheat Sheet


Until next time!

Dee Smith